What is trust deed investing?

Trust-Deed Investing is one of the safest investment you can make.

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How Trust Deed Investing Works... continued

Many of you may be saying to yourself that "I don't want to own a house. I just want my money" but you need to understand that this type of thing rarely ever happens. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, investers get their money back with the agreed upon interest in the agreed upon timeframe.

But what about that other 1 percent?

This is why we back up each transaction with a deed of trust. If something were to happen, you would own a piece of real estate worth far more than your initial investment. Either way, you get a return on your investment with very little risk.

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Top 5 reasons to consider trust-deed investing

How do we compare with other types of investments?

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More about trust deed investing

When making a trust deed investment, you are basically offering a loan to a borrower towards the purchase of a specific piece real estate... More about trust deed investing

Trust deed investing checklist

Don't get caught in a bad investment because you didn't plan properly. This checklist makes it easy to ensure that you've done your homework. Trust deed investing checklist


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