What is trust deed investing?

Trust-Deed Investing is one of the safest investment you can make.

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The Process of Trust Deed Investing

So far we've discussed the fact that trust deed investing offers extremely high returns, particulalry in correlation with the low risk involved with this type of investment. Now we are going to talk about the process and how to get started.

Although they are all very similar, every trust deed investment brokerage works a little different from one another. I am going to explain how they work at Investing Safer Inc.

  1. As with any type of investing you need to decide how much you would like to invest. Most people tend to diversify their investments so that they can find a balance between the risk vs. reward ratio. What makes trust deed investing so attractive is that if offers a high return at relatively low risk (more info here). A typical investment is between $50K and $150K.

  2. Once you establish how much you want to invest, you'll need to find a broker. I urge you to give us a call and discover what makes Investing Safer Inc. your best choice, or you can use our checklist to determine what to look for in a broker.

  3. Now that you have a broker and you know how much you want to invest, the broker then offers you a list of investment opportunities that meet your criteria. We will send you the property appraisal and all of the pertinant information about the property.

    We think it is a good idea to do a little research on you own to help insure you are making a good decision. This guide will help you make a good decision.

  4. Once you review and commit to a trust deed you will receive a package which contains the following;
    • Investment bulletin
    • Appraisal
    • Purchaser/lender disclosure form
    • Loan servicing agreement
    • And any other relevant documents

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Top 5 reasons to consider trust-deed investing

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When making a trust deed investment, you are basically offering a loan to a borrower towards the purchase of a specific piece real estate... More about trust deed investing

Trust deed investing checklist

Don't get caught in a bad investment because you didn't plan properly. This checklist makes it easy to ensure that you've done your homework. Trust deed investing checklist


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